Celebrity Apprentice: Are You a Fan?

The Celebrity Apprentice is the glam version of the popular Apprentice series, hosted by Donald Trump. The Celebrity Apprentice follows 16 celebrities competing against each other to win, and season two starts tonight!

But instead of winning for personal gain, on Celebrity Apprentice the celebs fight to raise money for charity.


Last season, Piers Morgan became the first Celebrity Apprentice. Millions of dollars were raised for good causes from the show and Piers Morgan alone raised more than $750,000 for his charity, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

A few of the season 2 celebs include:

  • Clint Black
  • Andrew Dice Clay
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Jesse James (TV celeb and husband of Sandra Bullock)
  • Dennis Rodman

The new season starts tonight! Are you a fan? I never saw it last season but I'm planning to watch tonight! How about you?

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