CBeebies: Did BBC Hire Disabled Host to Create Controversy?

CBeebies, a BBC kids show, has British moms and dads are upset! Toddler Buzz made me aware of the controversy, via Cafe Cynthia's post Disabled Kid TV Host Too Scary, Some Say.


Photo by: BBC

Some parents are complaining that host Cerrie Burnell, who has one arm, is too scary for kids to watch! Thank goodness we have Mrs. Mogul to sort this out for us, as she lived in the UK.


Mrs. Mogul, my hip and funny gossip friend, always has the scoop! According to her, the BBC hires TV hosts with the intent of creating an uproar. Dig, if you will, a quote from her blog about the BBC:

On their programs you get people with lisps, disheveled hair, one news reporter is a transvestite...etc. It's one thing if they are good presenters but most of them are not professional. Now I haven't watched this young host and from this video she looks capable but should she be on TV?

Check out the rest of Mrs. Mogul's opinion on her blog.

What do you think about this? I have three questions for you:

  1. Did the BBC hire CBeebies host Cerrie Burnell to create a big controversy?
  2. Did the BBC hire Burnell for all the right reasons?
  3. What do you think about the parents who are complaining?
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