Kate Winslet: Suck It Up, Meryl!

Kate Winslet, 2009 Oscars

Photo by: Bryan Crowe / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Kate Winslet totally rocks!

I loved her acceptance speech at the Oscars on Monday night! Her speech showed how real and down-to-earth Kate Winslet is. I laughed when she mentioned Meryl Streep:

And I want to acknowledge my fellow nominees—these goddesses. I think we all can't believe we're in a category with Meryl Streep at all. I'm sorry, Meryl, but you have to just suck that up.


It's nice to see a famous actress who still respects and admires those who came before her, you know?

It's clear I like Kate Winslet. What about you? Do you think she's refreshing or do you think she's a little odd? Take the poll.


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