Kajeet: Cell Phone with Training Wheels?

Kajeet Cell Phones for Kids

Photo by: Kajeet

Does a tween need a cell phone? Mine did. But I wasn't about to get one where she could run up a huge bill or use it for social purposes. We didn't want to open up unfiltered access of a regular cell phone that could lead to sending questionable pictures and texts via cell.

I found a cell phone...with training wheels -- it's called Kajeet and it's safe and budget friendly.

I think giving your kid a cell phone depends a lot on the child and the family circumstances. Two years ago, my work and family sports activities increased the need for communication between me and my oldest daughter, who was 12 at the time.


As fate would have it, I met Daniel Neal, CEO and founder of Kajeet, a pay-as-you-go cell-phone service geared to children. Daniel, along with two other dads, started Kajeet, because they were facing some of the same issues as my family. I interviewed Daniel for a work project and I was very impressed. He talked like a parent, not a CEO.

There are built-in parental controls, so that mom and dad can block phone numbers, and even program the time of day that the phone can be used. Smart!

Our situation was temporary but we needed an open communication line with our then tween daughter. Our family needed, a cell phone with training wheels. The Kajeet cell phone was an option that worked for us until my daughter turned 14.

After two years of using her Kajeet phone in a responsible way, my daughter was put on our family cell phone. We got our younger daughter a Kajeet cell phone at Christmas and it's been a very good experience for our family.

Have you had this situation in your family? Have you heard about Kajeet?

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