New Music: Yanni Voices Concert on PBS!


Photo by: Yanni Voices

Yanni. Before the Blissdom09 conference in Nashville, I knew nothing about Yanni or his music. The Yanni Voices concert tour kicks off April 10. But a preview concert will be shown on Monday, March 2 on PBS. Trust me, you want to know about this.

Please note that my music choices are usually pretty limited and range from 80's hits to Country. The fact that I am so obsessed with passionate about the Yanni Voices tour is no small thing! It's amazing that I like any songs that aren't about pick-up trucks and broken hearts. Just ask my kids. The girls knew the words to every Johnny Cash song by age 3.

Yanni Voices features classics from Yanni and introduces vocalists Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills to the world.


Two of the singers from the Voices tour were at Blissdom09. They had me at Happy Birthday. Watch the clip below. These guys the hottest most talented singers I've heard in a while.

Shout out to my friend Jessica from Jessica Knows for sharing her video clip with me. It's dreamy.

Check out the Yanni Voices tour preview on PBS Monday night, March 2. PBS is free TV, not cable, so I'll be in front of my TV with my guacamole, chips and a cold beer to watch the concert on Monday. Who is with me?

Here's the link to show you when it airs on your local PBS station. If you want to know more about the tour or the music of Yanni Voices, visit the website. The Yanni Voices CD will be in stores March 24, stay tuned for details.


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