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Teens always think their moms are uncool. It's one of the laws of nature as children grow up and get their own lives. My teen daughter thought I was the best mom ever until she hit 13. Overnight, I became a really bad mother.

My latest bad mom moment (#842) is because of Facebook.

My teen daughter is mortified because I am the only mom on earth using according to my teen and her friends. My teen quit using Facebook because:

Like, it was so awful having my mom on Facebook. None of the OTHER moms are on Facebook. You know?

I only wish I could show you Grace's eye-rolling as she informs me about my Facebook is priceless!  I do sympathize with my daughter, I really do. I realize I'm not exactly the June Cleaver or Carol Brady type of mother! My personal blog and my book are about parenting humor. I keep my girls privacy and their lives in mind in all the writing I do.

As if things couldn't get any worse, my daughter's friends are afraid I might actually friend them on Facebook! As geeky as I am, I know that a mom friend-ing a teen would be the kiss of death!

However, I do remind the girls that all information and pictures they put into a Facebook profile is a public record, forever and ever. My motherly nagging to my daughter's friends only adds more fuel to the bad mother fire!

I know even Heidi Klum and Seal will be lame to their kids someday.  But try telling that to a teen.

Am I the only mother on Earth using Facebook? Please tell me that my daughter and her friends are wrong. Have you had a bad mom moment because of Facebook or another online community?

Any and all advice is welcomed by me, the worst mother in the world.

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nonmember avatar Patricia

I'm 18 and helped my mum set up her fb page when I was 15, it didn't bother me then and doesn't bother me now. She uses it to keep in contact with her cousins & auntiea that don't stay in Scotland or near us. She even friended my best friend which she loves because she treats her like a second daughter. And I've got a blackmail tool should the occassion arise ;-)

nonmember avatar leah miner

My kids are 3 and (nearly) 1. The really dont care that im on facebook, or that daddy .. Nana (his mom), numa (my mom), tete (my sister) is. By the time theyre old enough to start a fb page for themselves itll have been replaced the way it outdid myspace. And i plan to be on the coolest new social network to police my childrens behavior. Cuz .. U kissed another girl? Fine. U kissed another girl, some guy got a pic, and ur BOTH tagged? Not cool. Things like that ..

Photo... Photomom89

I have been on Facebook since 2007 when I was accepted to college and was therefore allowed to join (it used to be only for college students). I was on way before I was a mom. But then my son is not even 2 yet. So I doubt he cares.

nonmember avatar Angela

Me and my sister made my mom a facebook years ago when we were teenagers we dont mind when she comments on our pics or statuses we comment on hers. Weve had whole conversations but then again my moms always been the cool mom our friends always called her mom and i think they liked her more than they liked us lol shes friends with all our friends on fb it doesnt bother me now that Im 22 engaged with 2 kids and it didnt bother me when I was 16. Ive never been embarrassed by my mom even when she was trying to embarrass me lol but i got lucky ive always had this great relationship with my mom. My dad would never use fb but my grandpa does and every time I swear he yells at me my dad told him to leave me alone im an adult lol. I also have both my dads ex wives on my fl. His first ex is constantly posting on my brothers and sisters walls about them being grounded and stuff like that lol. I think its funny though.

nonmember avatar brianna

what does dd stand for?

nonmember avatar Keidre

My daughters are both on Facebook and I am their friend as well. Although none of my 18 years old daughters friends have friended me I have a few of my 14 year old daughters friends that have.

misty... mistynkennedy

My grandmother, mother, and myself all have a facebook. im 26 so i dont have the teen coolness thing going for me but sometimes the only way the three of us even talk is by way of facebook. my daughter is 4 so of course she doesnt have one but in many, many years if facebook is still the in thing im sure i will have the same problem with kennedy.

MiyaE... MiyaElizabeth

I'm 24, so don't have a teen, and definitely over my teen ways, but I have a toddler, and a facebook. I plan on keeping my facebook until long after she's a teen. I'm a military wife and that's how I keep in touch with friends and family far away.

MiyaE... MiyaElizabeth

I actually set up my mom a myspace account, (before facebook became big) while I was in Iraq.

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