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Teens always think their moms are uncool. It's one of the laws of nature as children grow up and get their own lives. My teen daughter thought I was the best mom ever until she hit 13. Overnight, I became a really bad mother.

My latest bad mom moment (#842) is because of Facebook.

My teen daughter is mortified because I am the only mom on earth using according to my teen and her friends. My teen quit using Facebook because:

Like, it was so awful having my mom on Facebook. None of the OTHER moms are on Facebook. You know?

I only wish I could show you Grace's eye-rolling as she informs me about my Facebook is priceless!  I do sympathize with my daughter, I really do. I realize I'm not exactly the June Cleaver or Carol Brady type of mother! My personal blog and my book are about parenting humor. I keep my girls privacy and their lives in mind in all the writing I do.

As if things couldn't get any worse, my daughter's friends are afraid I might actually friend them on Facebook! As geeky as I am, I know that a mom friend-ing a teen would be the kiss of death!

However, I do remind the girls that all information and pictures they put into a Facebook profile is a public record, forever and ever. My motherly nagging to my daughter's friends only adds more fuel to the bad mother fire!

I know even Heidi Klum and Seal will be lame to their kids someday.  But try telling that to a teen.

Am I the only mother on Earth using Facebook? Please tell me that my daughter and her friends are wrong. Have you had a bad mom moment because of Facebook or another online community?

Any and all advice is welcomed by me, the worst mother in the world.

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Jenniy Jenniy

Myself, my brother AND my mother are all on Facebook, and we've friended each other too. lol

MamaL... MamaLeone

I have a MySpace and a Facebook and all my 4 children are on. Their friends have added me and I have added some of them. We use it to communicate and to share photos. Even my sister and her family are on. It's great to reach everyone at the same time. It's also a way to watch the friends of my younger two. No one has rolled eyes or complained of embarrassment yet. We especially use it to post photos from vacations. Personally I love it!

Moong... Moonglimmer

Don't worry she  will only be embarrest till she moves  then she will be so glad to have a way to talk toyou everyday. We have two boys  in the military and this is haow we talk to them, and their friends. 

Remember to keep her aware of the danger of on-line predators, you can look up stories and let her read them  but alos keep her password  and remember there is no privacy between parents and thier kids online accts.  If they feel that way they should not have an acct.  because it is to dangerous.

Carey... Carey2006

HECK NO...I know plenty of moms on facebook!!! moms of teens and college age kids as well!

Not really...other than the guilty trip my son gives me for being on the computer...."no'puter, no'puter"

xavie... xavierlogan09

i have a facebook. my son is only  7 and a months old so i'm not uncool yet. my step mom has a facebook too. it doesn't embarass me. i like that she has a facebook so she can see pictures of her grandson growing up. she has two teenagers. my little brother and sister get embarassed when she says i love you on their facebook pages. lol. it happens to everyone eventually.

leesa... leesajane

No you are not the only mom on facebook I'm a mom to and I'm a mom what worse is I'm facebook friends alot of my kids friends but my kids are 22 and 18 so are their friends

ame4c ame4c

My kids are not allowed to have a FACEBOOK page unless I AM their friend and yes I do watch their pages, their friends pages.  Letting your kid out on the internet with out supervision is like letting them walk through a den of lions that haven't been fed in 6 months.  NO WAY!

And what's up with parents allowing their kids to lie about their ages so they can have a facebook page???? Facebook requires you to be 13.  You are teaching your child it's o.k. to lie on some things as long as it is what you want.  It just aggrevates me.

bandk... bandk4ever

I have a facebook page. My kids are 8 and they don't care.

Aymii Hansen

hahaha.. Your child thinks you are the only mother to have a facebook account ? Now that is funny!!! hahahahaha.. wait till she finds out you have been reading all her twitter comments..So uncool of your kid to think you the only mum who can use a computer.. tsk tsk. I hope you get up facebook account for her grandparents for that comment.. hehehe

Capta... CaptainCookie

My daughter is only 8 but I foresee in the future, embarrassing the crap out of her, with or without Facebook.

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