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Teens always think their moms are uncool. It's one of the laws of nature as children grow up and get their own lives. My teen daughter thought I was the best mom ever until she hit 13. Overnight, I became a really bad mother.

My latest bad mom moment (#842) is because of Facebook.

My teen daughter is mortified because I am the only mom on earth using according to my teen and her friends. My teen quit using Facebook because:

Like, it was so awful having my mom on Facebook. None of the OTHER moms are on Facebook. You know?

I only wish I could show you Grace's eye-rolling as she informs me about my Facebook is priceless!  I do sympathize with my daughter, I really do. I realize I'm not exactly the June Cleaver or Carol Brady type of mother! My personal blog and my book are about parenting humor. I keep my girls privacy and their lives in mind in all the writing I do.

As if things couldn't get any worse, my daughter's friends are afraid I might actually friend them on Facebook! As geeky as I am, I know that a mom friend-ing a teen would be the kiss of death!

However, I do remind the girls that all information and pictures they put into a Facebook profile is a public record, forever and ever. My motherly nagging to my daughter's friends only adds more fuel to the bad mother fire!

I know even Heidi Klum and Seal will be lame to their kids someday.  But try telling that to a teen.

Am I the only mother on Earth using Facebook? Please tell me that my daughter and her friends are wrong. Have you had a bad mom moment because of Facebook or another online community?

Any and all advice is welcomed by me, the worst mother in the world.

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baref... barefootbchbum

I have a facebook page but never log into facebook...i dont like the rather use dd is only six so i've yet to deal with that....

irish... irishstarz

No way will I ever get on Facebook..but of course you're not the only mom on it! lol. When my Son is old enough, He'll get a myspace just like Mommie and Daddie have. =D

Debemac Debemac

I joined Facebook and my 12 year old daughter added me as her friend.  So did a lot of her girlfriends.   Deanna (my daughter) often sends me hugs or "gifts" we get to communicate to eachother in a different way.  That's the positive side of Facebook.

The negative.....has to be the pictures.  Deanna has one girlfriend that is beyond her years.  She happens to be a very attractive young girl and she knows it.  She posts pics that really shock me at times (not nude but too sexy for a 12 year old)  I called the kid on it by writing on her wall and asked her if her mom would like the pics she has posted......NO REPLY!!! 


mrin1... mrin11503

I have facebook and son is only 6 years old. But he says I'm the coolest mom around.

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

You guys are making me feel better. Maybe I am NOT the worst mom on the earth, LOL.

Agent... AgentBrez

im on FB but my kids are too young to use it [2 and 10 months]. my MIL is on it, and all of her sons [my hubby and 4 BILs, the youngest who is 16 and refuses to friend her. duh!].

JulianeB JulianeB

Your daughter is wrong. My mother and my mother in-law are both my friends on facebook! My sisters who each have 15 year old sons are also on facebook. Facebook is for family to keep in touch with each other just as much as it is for friends to.

londamg londamg

i have a fb but only because avon offers advertising on there otherwise i wouldne be on fb. My kids are to little to think im un cool

:) yey for me!

sapph... sapphiresoda

I have a Facebook and *gasp* my mom is on my friend's list.

Barbi... Barbiewithabeef

You are not the worst mom in the world, I am!! LOL I have a myspace and a facebook account and I send them messages and comments almost twice a week!!  Hey, if they can get on our nerves, lets continue to get on their's!! We do it because we care!!


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