Sean Penn Forgets to Thank Princess Buttercup in Acceptance Speech?

Sean Penn

Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty

Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Milk.

But he did not thank his significant other, Robin Wright Penn or his family in his acceptance speech! He made a very passionate speech about gay rights but no thank you to Princess Buttercup?

As I watched the telecast, I informed my significant other, Timothy, that if he ever won anything on national TV and forgot to thank me...I'd kill him.


Tim, who was out of his mind with boredom watching the Oscar telecast, swore that if he ever won any award, he would be sure to thank me. He would agree to almost anything at that point in the evening! I think he is planning to leave town next year during the Oscars, because I drove him crazy this weekend. I usually have an Oscar party but we had a sick kid, so I made him watch it with me. My friends call him Saint Timothy for a reason, you know?

Do you think I am being more crazy than usual crazy about Sean Penn's speech? Talk to me or answer the poll below! I want to know what you think!


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