Hugh Jackman is Ready to Be Drunk and Nude at the Oscars!

Hugh Jackman, Host of 2009 Oscars

Photo by: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Hugh Jackman says he's ready to be drunk and nude tonight at the Oscars! At least that's what the host of the Oscar broadcast told Anderson Cooper of CNN!

The Aussie actor was joking around but I can dream, right? Jackman is not only easy on the eyes and a fine actor but his singing and dancing talent made him the darling of Broadway. Hugh Jackman even hosted the Tony Awards and received rave reviews!

I'm hope his hosting gig for the 2009 Oscars is a smash hit! Think about many Hollywood A-List hunks have a good sense of humor?


Here is what Hugh Jackman said to Anderson Cooper about being drunk and nude at tonight's Oscars:

CNN: The sexiest man alive is going to be up there nude?

Jackman: Drunk and nude, yes. So that's our new fresh approach. It's the Australian way.

You gotta love him. I'm pretty much glued to the TV today starting at 7pm EST, 6pm CST for Barbara Walters Special.  For all you West Coasters, the Barbara Walters Special will follow the Oscar show.

Barbara Walters is also interviewing Oscar nominees Anne Hathaway and Mickey Rourke. And the Jonas brothers.

Can you hear my 11-year-old daughter screeching from my house about the interview with the Jonas brothers? Listen closely.

Do you think Hugh Jackman is going to rock the Oscars tonight?

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