Alec Baldwin: I Love the Hulu Commercial, Do You?

Alec Baldwin is my favorite character on 30 Rock. His character is so bad that he's good! To me, Baldwin is the key ingredient in the 30 Rock magic cocktail, not to take anything away from the brilliant Tina Fey. My daughters and I are addicted to 30 Rock, which is why we L-O-V-E the Hulu commercial starring Alec Baldwin.


I can't stop laughing at the Hulu commercial, even though I've seen it a zillion times. My favorite part is where Alec Baldwin is laughing along with the dumb human then he shoots a quick side glance to the camera, showing his evil alien glare.

Do you think the Hulu commercial is funny? If you like the Hulu spot, are you a 30 Rock fan? Raise your hand ladies, if you can stop laughing at the commercial.

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