Wife Swap: Have You Heard About Stephen Fowler?

Stephen Fowler is one of the most infamous husbands to appear on Wife Swap. Fowler has faced the wrath of many viewers because of the way he treated a woman from rural Missouri who traded places with his wife. I saw the episode of Wife Swap and in the dictionary under the word JERK...there's a picture of Stephen Fowler.


Fowler called Gayla Long stupid and simple. Long, who spent two weeks at Fowler's San Francisco home trading places with Fowler's wife. She was verbally abused and treated horribly on national TV. It make me cringe to think what this guy would do if cameras weren't on him!

Fowler's rude behavior has inspired a website, StephenFowlerSucks.com. He even has  a Facebook group started about him, I Cannot Stand Stephen Fowler from Wife Swap.

Stephen Fowler even received a public condemnation by his own wife. I'm sure she did!  He has probably treated her harshly too.

Did any of you see this guy in action? I just can't get over how rude he was, knowing cameras were monitoring his every move. Talk to me! 

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