25 Random Things About The Oscars and Me

Have you been tagged on Facebook to spill your secrets with a list of 25 Things? Today on Daily Buzz, some of us wanted to share TMI Dig, if you will, more information than you really want to know about me and the Oscars!

The 2009 Academy Awards also known as The Oscars, is the big event of the year at my house. My family calls Oscar night Mom's Superbowl! Because the Oscars are such a big deal in my world, here's 25 Random Things About the Oscars...and Me.

  1. Every year except last year, I have an Oscar party.
  2. At my Oscar party, I make everyone fill out a ballot for the major awards.
  3. At my Oscar party, I give out stupid prizes and we drink margaritas.
  4. My husband and kids are banned from my Oscar party. Period.
  5. My Oscar picks are never right. I am wrong most of the time for Best Picture.
  6. I think Brad Pitt is the hottest actor in the Oscars this year!
  7. I hope that Kate Winslet wins the Oscar for Best Actress.
  8. I loved Amy Adams in Doubt but I don't think she'll win.
  9. I can't believe Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for Tropic Thunder.
  10. I think Mickey Rourke will win the Oscar for Best Actor because of sympathy.
  11. I think Hugh Jackman will be an amazing host, he's so talented!
  12. I hope Ron Howard wins Best Director for Frost/Nixon.
  13. I have a weird crush on Ron Howard, aka Opie.
  14. I will D-I-E if Heath Ledger doesn't win for Dark Knight.
  15. I have a MAD crush for Michael Sheen (David Frost in Frost/Nixon).
  16. I've had a crush on Michael Sheen since he played Tony Blair in The Queen.
  17. I am the only person who didn't L-O-V-E Benjamin Button.
  18. I think Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of our time.
  19. I thought Doubt should have gotten nominated for more awards.
  20. I'm still sour about Cate Blanchett losing Best Actress Oscar for Elizabeth.
  21. I was at the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars are held, last weekend.
  22. The Kodak Theatre was getting ready for the red carpet, it was so cool!
  23. I love the Barbara Walters pre-Oscar special almost as much as the Oscars!
  24. I respect Angelina Jolie as an actress but I'm Team Aniston all the way.
  25. I cannot wait to see all the celebrities and their dresses at the Oscars!

Now I want to know your TMI abou the Oscars! Spill it, sisters! Tell me one thing about YOU and the OSCARS!

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