Oscar Poll: Best Picture?

The Oscars, also known as Mom's Superbowl in my house, are Sunday night. Hosted this year by the always yummy Hugh Jackman, the show begins on ABC at 8pm/7pm Central.

You're going to see a lot about the Oscars in the next few days here on Entertainment Buzz but the big award of the night is Best Picture. I want to know your pick for best movie of 2008! Here are the choices, take the poll!


Slumdog Millionaire - Sleeper hit of the season.  Poor kid from Mumbai goes on game show. Sounds like a drag...but it's not!

Frost/Nixon - I loved this movie! This movie is about the showdown between Richard Nixon and David Frost in a TV interview. Sounds dry but it's fabulous.

The Reader- This movie is so moving, it just tore at my heart. I don't know if it will win best picture because there are other favorites to win. Kate Winslet rocks in this movie and she is incredible.

Milk- This is the only movie I have not seen and I'm seeing it later today. I've read reviews and Sean Penn is getting rave reviews, the movie is beloved by all who see it. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - I love watching Brad Pitt on the big screen. I wanted to love this movie but I just couldn't. It's good but I thought it was really slow, I thought it was way too long. The rave reviews for the film I just didn't get. I thought it was good just now Big Picture good!

Take the Poll! Give me your pick for best picture!


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