Oprah: Octo Grandfather to Appear on Oprah

Ed Suleman, Nadya Suleman's dad, will be on Oprah next Tuesday, February 24. You knew it had to happen, right? There have been too many interviews to pass up a chance to appear on the mother of all talk shows, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nadya Suleman, US Magazine

Photo by: US Magazine


Octo grandpa helps his daughter Nadya and the kids by working as a contractor in Iraq. Bless his heart, putting himself into danger while his daughter tries to have a reality show career.

The family has been airing the family dirty laundry on the talk shows this week, as Octo Grandma Angela talked to the CBS Early Show Wednesday about the rocky relationship she and daughter Nadya have.  US Weekly spoke to Nadya Suleman on Friday before she went to get an $18 manicure and see her babies at the hospital. OMG.

Is Nadya Suleman just the worst person ever or is she just crazy? Seriously, the woman and her family just dig themselves deeper and deeper with every interview. Talk to me.

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