Are Celebrity Moms Like Us?

Photo by: Bradley Kanaris/Getty

Nannies and servants aren't the norm in most families. It's natural to assume celebrity moms have it easy, compared to the rest of us mortal moms.


Famous moms appear to have it all together, but looks can be deceiving. Jennifer Lopez admits she's still figuring it out when it comes to balancing work and motherhood. She says it's hard to be away from her twins, Max David and Emme Maribel, even for a night.

Divorced moms with blended families are part of life for many and Hollywood is no exception. Nicole Kidman recently had a baby girl with second husband, Keith Urban. She juggles her newborn as well as co-parenting with ex Tom another country.

A famous single mom I admire is Terri Irwin.Terri became a single mom after her husband Steve Crocodile Hunter Irwin was killed.

Celeb moms are more polished on the outside, but are they just like us on the inside? Some people wonder if a famous mom can be a negative influence on children.

SimplyGina78 posed a question for members of the CafeMom Hollywood group about children of celebrities. She wonders if the pressure of being in the spotlight is too hard for the kids of the rich and famous.

What do you think? Do you think celeb moms have it easier than most people? Or do you think there is a price for fame? Read a little further on Working Moms in Hollywood.

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