Addicted? Get Your Fix at CafeMom!

Fans of Middle-earth, you are not alone.  OctobersMom just launched a Lord of the Rings group at CafeMom.



There is a group here at CafeMom for nearly every show, movie or book you can think of! Addicted to Mad Men? Join your fellow addicts at the group, Mad 4 Mad Men . Grey's Anatomy Fans is a huge group to discuss the weekly details of McDreamy! Do you love The Hills? Check out MTV The Hills group.

Even new shows, like the new 90210, have a group!

One of the amazing and wonderful parts of CafeMom is that if there is not a group, you can start one. There were so many of us in the Fans of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series group, OctobersMom launched the Lord of the Rings group.

Your partner might not care if McDreamy's hair looks different from last season. But the ladies of Grey's Anatomy group at CafeMom do!

Join in and join a group to get your fix. You won't be sorry.




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