I Watch Handy Manny! Do You Watch Kid Shows When No Kids Are Around?

Handy Manny

Photo by: Amazon

I watch Handy Manny.  Even when there are no kids around, I catch myself watching the cartoon created for preschoolers about a repairman named Manny can speak Spanish and has talking tools.

Here's the worst part...My girls never even watched the show! I just stumbled on it one day and started watching it when my youngest daughter was sick!  They were too old for the show when it started and for some reason I became a Handy Manny fan!


My kids are tween and teen age, so I am uncool as a mom just by breathing air! The fact that I watch kiddie TV shows is just more proof I'm a huge nerd. Since I've told you about Handy Manny, here's another true confession: I watch Sponge Bob.

I know there are tons of moms who watch this show with no kids!  I can't be the only one who loves Sponge Bob and Patrick. It's so twisted and funny, I just can't help it. Tell me I'm not alone.

Spill it ladies. Do you watch kiddie shows when no kids are in sight? Talk to me!

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