Horrible Lessons Hollywood Teaches Our Kids


Photo by: Angie_Marie_4

The twisted people at cracked.com offer advice wrapped up with snarky fun. Hmm...what can we learn?


Single parents really look to their kids to fix them up on dates

Lesson learned from Sleepless in Seattle and The Parent Trap.

Hollywood knows that kids from single parents homes might yearn for the dual parent homes their friends have. In the real world, it's not a good idea to try to reunite parents by setting them up on an elaborately conceived "coincidental" meeting while kids distract the evil step-mom with funny pranks.

Bad guys can be duped by kids

Home Alone and Scooby Doo show kids how dumb crooks are.

This lesson is truly dangerous. Real life bad guys are desperate, angry and have guns. The funny stunts from Home Alone won't scare off the real bad guys! Instead of trying to outsmart the crooks with a pie in the face, kids need to learn to get away from these people as soon as they can!

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