Jon and Kate Gosselin: Love at First Sight?

Kate Gosselin says that she and husband Jon found love at first sight. I think that is very sweet! No matter where you stand on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 debate, you have to admit Jon and Kate Gosselin are in love.


From the Gosselin family website, here is the story of Jon and Kate's love at first sight:

Our eyes met and continued to meet from across the way all afternoon. Finally, I arranged for someone to introduce us…and the rest is history!

We were married at a friend’s home in Wyomissing under a white tent with tons of beautiful flowers…A perfect garden wedding with equally perfect weather on June 12, 1999. It was truly a beautiful thing!

I realize there is a wave of Kate Hate on the web. If you don't love the show or you don't care for the Gosselins, I'm asking you to step back from your feelings this Valentine's Day weekend.

Before all the babies and the diapers and the TV show, there was love at first sight. Jon and Kate Gosselin are a love story, it might not be your love story but it's a romantic story all the same.

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