Celebrity Crush: Jensen Ackles is Octobersmom's Crush!

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles

Photo by: Supernatural

Jensen Ackles from the show Supernatural is this week's celebrity crush! It's not shocking that Jensen Ackles is a celebrity crush because, well, look at him!

The surprising part of this week's celeb crush is that Jensen Ackles is Octobersmom's choice! Octobersmom is group leader for the insanely popular Fans of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series group here at CafeMom. I've been a card carrying member of this group since I arrived at CafeMom and Octobersmom is a friend of mine. I asked her to tell me about her celebrity crush this week, thinking she would choose Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson.


Entertainment Buzz: Tell me your celebrity crush!

Octobersmom: I am going to shock the heck out of everyone who knows I am addicted to Twilight by not choosing Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen as my celeb crush.  Celebrity crushes come and go but for me right now the hottest guy out there is Jensen Ackles from the show Supernatural.

Entertainment Buzz: No way! I have to know why he's your crush!

Octobersmom: My crush is almost entirely superficial as I have never seen him act.  That's right I have not watched his show yet, though I do plan to. I discovered him while watching fan made trailers for the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer and could not believe how sexy he is. What woman could resist those abs? Or arms? Or lips? Or....well you get the idea.

Entertainment Buzz: I totally get the idea. He's smokin' hot but do you have any other reasons for crushing on him? Edward Cullen is a tough act to follow, LOL.

Octobersmom: I also like him because he does not seem overly pretentious. He seems to enjoy his job and has fun doing it as is evident in this clip of him lip syncing.

Big love to Octobersmom for taking time to talk to me and for giving me yet another celeb to drool on. Octobersmom has a bruised tailbone (which hurts badly, I've done it) so go and give her a little love so she gets well soon! 


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