Why I Love Felicity

This is Cafe Kristen, writing in for Cafe MichelleL while she enjoys her vacation.

I just watched the entire first season of Felicity--again--on DVD.

Do you remember when the WeTV channel played Felicity--starring Keri Russell and my boyfriend Scott Foley--nonstop? You couldn't turn to that station without seeing Felicity's curly hair or perfect skin. They always spoke so quietly on that show, like every line was a deep dark secret. (Oooh, does Felicity like Ben or Noel? Shhh.)

I was totally hooked. Maybe I need to be medicated, but I've seen every single episode at least 5 times.


My then-boyfriend (now patient DH) would threaten to shave his own head if I made him sit through Season 4, Episode 1 again. That episode is called The Declaration, and it's the one where Felicity finally--after three agonizing years--sleeps with Noel, aka Scott Foley, on a Manhattan rooftop. Did I mention that Scott Foley is my boyfriend? (Shhh, don't tell my husband.)

This television show was special to me because:

  1. I'm a sucker for teen dramas.
  2. I'm a bigger sucker for love triangles.
  3. I was newly single after a big breakup and living in NYC. I was very lovelorn. And to say I had the maturity level of a college-age student would've been giving me way too much credit.

Felicity really did mean a lot to me. Even though I always preferred Noel over Ben, the way Ben kissed Felicity in the last episode of the first season (see video clip, above) made me leave my first husband. Even though it's just a silly, melodramatic TV show, I knew I wanted to be kissed like that. I deserved to be kissed like that.

Is that cheesy of me? Wait, I know it is. Do you have a favorite TV show that means way way way too much to you?

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