Paris Hilton: Where is Paris? Alien Abduction?

Where is Paris Hilton? I haven't heard or read much about the diva of reality TV lately! Is she in love? Is she sick? Has she been kidnapped by aliens?

Paris Hilton

Photo by: John M. Heller/Getty


It doesn't matter if you love Paris, or you can't stand her...She is an expert at promoting herself. That's why I think it's weird that I haven't seen Paris Hilton as much in the gossip mags and tabloids.

She's been away from the cameras but is there something wrong?

My hypothesis is that Paris has been kidnapped by aliens.

I think aliens have kidnapped Paris Hilton and are using her to create a master race of bleached blond ninjas that will take over the planet...and give everyone on earth a makeover.

Now, it's your turn.! Where is Paris Hilton?

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