Most Romantic Song: What's Yours?

What's the Most Romantic Song? I have some songs that are special to me and my hubs but I want to know your picks. It can be from any genre or decade, and here are a few songs to get you started:


Someone Like You by Van Morrison-A classic first dance song at weddings. It's every woman's fantasy to be serenaded with this song. Dudes pay attention, grab a guitar and sing!

Come Away with Me by Norah Jones-Between her amazing voice and beautiful lyrics, who here can honestly say it’s not romantic. No one? That’s what I thought.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton-Ah yes. Mr. Clapton is singing only to me. You knew that, right? This song is so romantic!

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love by Barry White-Sure it might not be the most common romantic song, but at least it’s not cliche and it’s Barry White.  I mean show some respect.

Let's hear your picks for the Most Romantic Song! Alright ladies, it's your turn.Spill it.

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