Do You Think Jennifer Aniston Rocks 40?

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Jennifer Aniston turns 40 today! I think Jen is way hot and proves 40 can be fabulous! In other words...Brad Who?

John Mayer's Birthday Gift to Jennifer Aniston: A New Song!

Perez Hilton reports that John Mayer wrote a song for Jennifer's birthday! That's almost enough to make me like him! John Mayer doesn't seem like a good enough dude for Jen but I can't discount him completely if he wrote a romantic song for her.

Flirty and Forty is Fab...Except for the Gray Hair

Jen is celebrating her 40th birthday with a positive attitude...except for the one gray hair. During an appearance on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, Aniston says getting older is good, except for finding a gray hair.

Maybe I could give Jen a little of my post 40-year-old food baby or my mid life cellulite! That would make her gray hair seem okay!

Do you think Jennifer Aniston rocks 40? Talk to me!

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