Rihanna's Injuries Horrific, Include Bite Marks


Rihanna's injuries from Chris Brown were horrific, including bite marks. E! reports police found Rihanna beaten really badly and hysterical. Brown had taken the keys to the car with him and she was basically left on the side of the road with the car. 

TMZ reports Rihanna had major contusions on both sides of her face, with serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. TMZ also confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers. OMG.

Chris Brown, Giant magazine

Photo by: Giant magazine

Chris Brown didn't appear to be a man with a violent temper. But Chris Brown has a family history of domestic abuse. In 2007, he told Giant magazine about how his stepfather abused his mother for years. 

In the Giant article, Brown recalls telling his mother at the age of 11, that some day, he would go to jail by age 15 for killing his abusive stepfather:

He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’

Just goes to show the power of the domestic violence cycle. What do you think about the updated news?

Check out Healthy Living Buzz's post about a CafeMom member who lived through domestic abuse and is helping other women.

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camtri3 camtri3

This is crazy, at first when i seen it on mediatakeout, i didnt believe it, now its like wow, i knew something was wrong with they BOTH cancelled for the grammy'. SAD

RaeLy... RaeLynn1221

OMG!!!!! Wow. That is crazy. I like Rihanna. I hope she gets better soon and stays AWAY from him.

baby1... baby1love

I never was able to STAND Chris Brown ! Sorry but he has always  looked like that kinda guy that beats up women . Not a fan of R&B or rap but I have grown to like Rhihanna  and hope she make a good recovery and never goes back to Chris Brown.

ivans... ivansmom07

I think domestic violence is horrible: celebrity or not.  I really hope she is able to walk away from this and that HE gets the help he needs.

maisah maisah

I ditto that ivanmom07

Shady... ShadysLady

that is so sad :( everyone was talking about it at work today, i thought it had to be bullshit and came home to check. I hope shes ok.

Irish... Irishbtch622

I hope she is ok n stays away from him,he deserves justice just like the next personsad

LilDi LilDi

he better pay for this!

LilDi LilDi

Is he an animal, or is he a man?!

qtnfl... qtnfluffy

I liked both of them. This is a sad story of how the cycle of domestic violence goes. I hope they both get the help they need and take a stand against D.V. They're young and in the public eye, so they both have a great opportunity to turn this around and use this situation to educate people, especially younger people. They have the opportunity to give D.V. a voice. I hope Chris Brown gets help and turns his life around. I hope Rihanna gets the help and support she needs. I hope they both heal, speak out and use this positively to help massive people.

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