MIA at the Grammys: Bringing Sexy Back to Pregnant or Not?


MIA rocked it at the Grammys last night! She performed with Jay-Z, TI, Kanye West and Lil Wayne on the Grammy-nominated Swagga Like Us.

MIA, Grammy

Photo by: Jason Merritt/Getty

The very pregnant rapper is due any day and said last week she was nervous that performing at the Grammy awards could induce labor!

I think it's awesome that MIA kicked it so hard and rocked it with some of the best men in music. What do you think? Was she sexy or was it too much?


Did you think MIA looked sexy performing at the Grammy awards?

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lilmo... lilmomma92706

I think it is awesome that she is still able to be that active this close to due date. Good for her!!!!

ivans... ivansmom07

I loved it!  I think it sucks she didn't get to rock it solo, they just made her a part of the Big Boys performance.  But, nevertheless, she was pretty awesome!

beadi... beadingmom17

I say good for her for rocking it out, but wth was up with the outfit?  That's got to be just about the ugliest maternity outfit I think I've ever seen!

nanas... nanasworld

Agree with beadingmom17 100%

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

I wish I could have looked as hot as she did when I was about to deliver but the outfit was kind of unique, lol.

kelly... kellybelly7570

What an awful outfit choice!!!!!!!!!!  I'm all for being sexy while pregnant, but this was just SILLY.  She looked like a clown.

babyc... babycakes_1228

I agree... the outfit was clown like BUT it was beautiful!!! so many ppl want pregnant women to be shunned or kept out the public eye! but that was amazing!!! I enjoyed watching her wobble her big belly around!!! it was GREAT!!! more power to her!

AriMi... AriMicSun

Didn't even know she was pregnant, so obviously I didn't see it. But good for her!!

ziann... zianneaaliyah

The outfit was just awfully tacky!  I love the fact that she was able to perform, but her sense of fashion is horrible.

Brook... BrooklynsMom817

Totally agree with most post! Awesome that she preformed! I love that but HATE the outfit! Sooooo many different choices would have been better!

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