Jon & Kate Plus 8: Does the Kate Hate Go Too Far?

Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC's hit show inspires a great deal of hostility on the Internet, as well as a huge fan base who love the show. The controversy about Jon and Kate Plus 8 is focused on mom Kate Gosselin and some believe they are using their reality show to acquire perks from sponsors.


The Gosselin's move to a bigger house and the recent birth of the California octuplets has added more fuel has just fueled the fire of the Jon & Kate Debate!

Toddler Buzz's Jon & Kate Plus 8 Therapy Session gives a good overview of the different reasons people watch the show. Entertainment Weekly has a great post about the Kate Hate issue as well.

If you search for Jon & Kate Plus 8 on CafeMom, you'll find 10 groups, 448 group posts, and 3 journal posts, 12 Daily Buzz posts! Clearly the Gosselin's are a hot topic here in the CafeMom community.

What do you think about Jon and Kate? Do you think the Kate Haters are over-the-top?

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