Fatal Attraction: Movie for a Broken Heart on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about love and romance. But if you're breaking up with your significant other or going through a divorce, February 14th can be a painful day.  I've been there, and I know how how it feels.

My solution? While the rest of the world is falling in love again, I found it weirdly comforting to watch a movie about a cheating husband who suffers and has to grovel to his wife. Twisted but therapeutic. Take a look at my prescription for a broken heart.


Top Movie Pick for a Broken Heart - Fatal Attraction

Do the words "bunny boiler" mean anything to you? If so, then you've already seen the 80's hit, Fatal Attraction. The movie makes cheating husbands break into a cold sweat! It's the story of a husband played by Michael Douglas, who has a weekend fling affair with Glenn Close.

Michael's character is very sorry after his one night stand...aren't they all? He welcomes back his wife and child with open arms, vowing to keep his fling a secret forever. The movie gets scary when his one night stand turns out to be a complete psycho who stalks the family.

Anne Archer plays the wife in this movie and she's awesome. Glenn Close is genius as the coo-koo for Cocoa Puffs weekend fling. I know you wouldn't want your ex to be stalked by a crazy person, but it's awfully satisfying to watch Michael Douglas! Netflix it. It's a lot cheaper than therapy.

Ladies, I am not suggesting my movie prescription will heal your broken heart. It's probably not totally healthy to recommend watching a movie about bad things happening to bad husbands. But it will make you feel better, even if all you do is laugh a little.

Do you have any movies you want to add to my prescription for a broken heart?

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