Calling All Procrastinators: Entertainment Links, Anyone?


Photo by: porterjoshua06

I could surf around the pages of CafeMom all day and all night. It's addicting because I work at Daily Buzz but there are so many good conversations going on here! So many excellent questions...that pile of laundry could sit for weeks if those pesky kids didn't need to wear clothes.


If you want to put off some work or laundry...and you can't escape to the private island,  here are some good places to get your entertainment fix! Answer some of these questions or comment on some of these posts.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Do you like him or dislike him?  (LND)

Toddlers and Tiaras: What Did You Think?  (Cafe Cynthia)

Netflix: What should I add to my Netflix Queue?  (MamaChamp)

I Made a Baby with Brad Pitt  (Cafe Suzanne)

Denial is a powerful tool for mothers and I have my denial skills at an expert level when it comes to avoiding housework! Please tell me about any good entertainment links here at CafeMom or on other sites! I don't want to do laundry ladies!

Thanks and a gig shout to porterjoshua06 for the darling picture! I don't know how you get anything done with that angel face around. Honey, are are gonna have to start watching the girls around your son...starting in Kindergarten! Check out more of porterjoshua's pictures!

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