Romantic Movies: What's Your Favorite Flick?

P.S. I Love You

Photo by: P.S. I Love You

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Even if your love life is on the back burner, most of us love a good love story. I love them all time -- even during times in my life when I've been miserable. Here are a few of my favorite movies I watch to get my romance fix...what are yours?


P.S. I Love You - Raise your hand...when do you start crying in this movie? I begin crying in the opening credits. Without giving anything away, it’s a sad movie but It’s also amazing, sweet and romantic. And even if you have to shed a few tears, let's be honest with each other…Gerard ButlerHarry Connick JrJeffrey Dean Morgan…HELLO!

When Harry Met Sally - Obviously a classic romantic flick,  you don’t need me to tell you it’s good. It’s a story many of us have probably lived out, dating your best friend I mean.  And, let’s be honest, how adorable is Meg Ryan?

Sixteen Candles - Deny it all you want, but every girl had their very own Jake Ryan in high school!  This 80’s favorite starring none other than Molly Ringwald gives the sixteen year old in all of us hope for our own love story.

Fess up. What is your favorite movie romance?

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