Who Are Your Favorite TV Couples?


Jim and Pam, the Office

Photo by: The Office/NBC

Romance makes for good TV. We all loved to watch Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Big, Sam and Diane. Here are some of my favorite couples that grace us with their weekly presence:

Jim and Pam- Their relationship started while working at Dunder Mifflin paper company on the NBC show The Office. Seeming to be the only normal people in the office, the couple bonded over moments of tormenting their boss Michael. Jim and Pam make me wish I worked at their office...almost.


Bill and Sookie- Sure, Sookie's boyfriend is a vampire but even for being dead, Bill from True Blood is a good boyfriend. Not only is he smoking hot but he also loves Sookie and will do just about anything to protect her. The whole vampire thing has it's own issues but people have gotten over much worse. And good men are hard to find, right ladies?

Who are your favorite TV couples? I don't care if they are on TV now or have been on in the past! Talk to me and tell me your faves. Be sure to check out our Valentine's Day section for ideas, romance and fun!

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