Celebrity Fridge: Have You Seen This?

Celebrity Fridge

Photo by: Every Day with Rachel Ray

Celebrity Fridge is a feature in Everyday with Rachel Ray's magazine that I love. It satisfies my need to know about anything celebrity related and my need to be nosy. I am a curious person by nature, medicine cabinets and fridge contents fascinate me.

I'm a terrible cook but I really dig Rachel Ray because of the friendly way she comes across on TV and in print. Rachel Ray gives me hope that if I ever really wanted to learn how to cook, I'd actually be able to do it. This month, Celebrity Fridge features Mel B.


In the February issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray, Mel B gives a tour of her fridge. The Spice Girl and new workout video star is always stocked up. Mel B says it's a practical thing to keep everyone in the family happy.

I've gotta ask Cafe Kim over at Food & Party Buzz about Celebrity Fridge and what you can tell about a person by the contents of their fridge. See? I really am nosy, just like the neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, on Bewitched.

Do you read Celebrity Fridge? Talk to me about Rachel Ray's magazine, do you like it?

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