February Flicks: Shopaholics, Coraline and He's Not That Into You

I know you are all counting down the seconds until the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert hits theaters on February 27th 2009! So I figured I would mention a few other movies you can see to pull you through until the Jonas fest!

Confessions of a Shopaholic. Based on the novel by Sophia Kinsella, this movie opens February 13th. It's about a woman who finds herself in thousands of dollars of credit card debt. She lands a job a financial magazine and has to give advice to others about how to save money.


The movie is funny, lighthearted....and has lots of cool clothes! I know fashionista Michele Z over on Beauty & Style Buzz will have be giving us the fashion play-by-play.

Coraline.  An animated feature about a young girl that's miserable in her own life.  She moves into a new house with her parents, where she discovers a hidden door to a different world. It' the life she has always dreamed of, or so she thinks. Coraline must rely on her wit and cleverness to help her escape when her “other” parents plan to keep her forever. I am so taking my kids to this movie, let them see what happens when they make wishes to trade parents!

Coraline will be out this Friday and looks like a flick that will entertain the kiddos while not making moms want to scream.

He’s Just Not that Into You. Ladies, this is mandatory viewing for chick flick lovers. With a laundry list of an awesome cast including: Ben Affleck, Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlet Johansson (just to name a few), it's a winner. Check it out in theatres February 6th.

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