Have You Been Kidnapped By Aliens? Take the Quiz!

Photo by: Cafe Michelle L

Feeling blue? Tired? Sure, it could be the fact that it's freezing outside and your island vacation money is being used to pay the mortgage! But it might be...aliens.

If you can't tell from this post and my Snuggie debate post, I am suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. My lotto ticket has not come through and my great aunt Faye did not leave me a zillion dollars, so my dream of a cruise to the islands this winter is not happening. It's up to my peeps at CafeMom to get me through the winter!

I have a highly scientific proof about the alien abductions via Weekly World News!


 According to the WWN, most people have been abducted by aliens, say some UFO experts -- so odds are you're one of them.

"Extraterrestrials possess the ability to wipe human memory clean," said Dr. J. Albert Longneck, a UFO investigator from Houston, Texas. "You could be kidnapped once or twice a week and you wouldn't remember a thing."

However, there are signs that you've been taken kidnapped! Take this quiz from Dr. J. Albert Longneck's book, Did I Forget I Was Kidnapped By Aliens?.

You're drunk a lot 

Aliens take advantage of boozers because they're used to forgetting huge blocks of time and some really embarrassing stuff. ETs appreciate drunks because they don't have to waste their memory-wiping technology which is expensive.

During an X-ray, your doctor discovers you are missing an internal organ

According to the expert, Dr. Longneck: Aliens take out spleens, a lung, a kidney, an appendix so they can examine them closely. Despite their advanced intellect, sometimes they simply forget to put them back. LOL!

•You cut yourself and your blood is green

This is when they've accidentally sucked out too much of your blood and had to give you a blood transfusion from their own blood bank, according the the good doctor Longneck.

•You look in the mirror and see that your nose is suddenly smaller

Many extraterrestrials are interested in plastic surgery techniques and will try them out on their captives.

•You suddenly discover you are missing a limb

You know you started out the day with two arms and two legs, and yet, when it's time to go to bed, one is missing. This is an indication they have kept one of your limbs!

Talk to me!  Have you been kidnapped? Or do you think I just need some time in a nice quiet place making potholders? Regular entertainment news will be back later today, just had to share this quiz with you.

My favorite part of this quiz: You discover that you are missing limb. As a mom,  this actually happen since we moms never focus on ourselves, everyone else comes first.

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