The Snuggie: Where Do You Stand in the Great Debate?

The Snuggie. Which side are you on in the great Snuggie debate? Cafe MicheleZ's poll revealed 73 percent of CafeMoms thought the Snuggie was a waste of money.

My friend Alli wonders if it's a Backward Robe or Evil Cult Member Attire? Over four million of these weird blanket things have sold in the last 90 days. Ellen DeGeneres wore a Snuggie on her show!  What's next? Oprah? Nooooo!

The cool kids over at Ad Age just wrote about it! The really cool kids at Gawker made fun of it!

Do you find the Snuggie TV ads to be a form of torture? Or do you light up like a Christmas tree when you see a commercial for the Snuggie? Watch a clip of the TV spot and tell me what you think. You can't look away...


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