Brangelina’s Oscar Campaign?

Angelia Joile, Brad Pitt

Photo by: Sean Gallup/Getty

Celebitchy had a funny post about Brangelina’s Oscar campaign. Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button ruled the 2009 Oscar nominations with a total of 13 nominations, but Celebitchy has a unique point-of-view about the Oscar nods:

I might have to turn in my Brangeloonie Badge, because even I doubted that Brangelina’s Oscar campaign would work. Sure, Brad and Angelina approached the campaign differently this year - they turned on the charm, they showed off the babies and Brad’s parents, they were good film-promoting soldiers for all of their films. They gave many, many interviews, and Brad even made a trip to Oprah, always a good sign.

Go to Celebitchy to read more but what do you think? Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie should have received the nominations they did from the Academy?


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