Joaquin Phoenix Blames Late Crew For Hip-Hop Flop

joaquin phoenix, hip hop flop

Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Joaquin Phoenix, retired actor and rapper blamed a late film crew for his lame Las Vegas hip-hop show!  The show fell flat, and ended with Phoenix falling into the crowd. According to the New York Post:

He was waiting for Casey Affleck and when the film crew arrived late, Joaquin flipped out. He yelled at the crew: "Thanks for being late and f***ing everything up."


Phoenix performed tracks from his upcoming album in Vegas Friday night, looking like Grizzly Adams with beard and crazy hair. His brother-in-law Casey Affleck was on-site creating a documentary of Joaquin's new hip-hop career.

Can the aliens that have taken over Joaquin Phoenix's body please give it back? This story keeps getting weirder!

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