Flight of the Conchords: New Season Starts January 18th!

Flight of the Conchords is finally back! The second season of HBO's quirky series is so funny! Knowing the boys from New Zealand are back is almost enough to make me forget it is 4 degrees outside. Almost.

If you haven't seen it, Flight of the Conchords is the story of Bret and Jemaine ,a New Zealand folk-rock-pop-rap-soul duo seeking fame in New York. They want fame badly, they have a terrible manager and one stalker fan. The LA Times has a great description of the show:

Mixing the ironic whimsicality of Curb Your Enthusiasm with the premise and structure of The Monkees, filtered through a downtown New York sensibility.

The Monkees? Haven't heard that name in a few years, right? Are you a fan?


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