What's Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show?

Do you have TV shows you are embarrassed to admit you watch? The TV shows that go beyond the guilty pleasure TV category! I'm talking about the shows you really don't want to admit to people outside your home that you watch. AprilDJC asked moms what TV shows are they were embarrassed to admit they watched?


My Super Sweet 16 - MTV's show about bratty teens who get six figure birthday parties and gifts for their 16th birthday. It's so bad because the parents are so dumb, and the teens need a major reality check as they receive brand new Range Rovers and trips for Paris for their Sweet 16 birthdays. It's so wrong but I can't look away.

Attack of the Show - Ultimate geek fest that airs on G4. I started watching it because of my gamer teen daughter and now I am hooked. Anyone else addicted to this show?

Jerry Springer - I don't watch it regularly but I never get tired of seeing this show. Jerry's show proves that real life is weirder than anything anyone can make up. I know I'm not the only one who watches Jerry Springer. Come on, ladies. Fess up!

Your turn! Tell me the TV shows you are embarrassed about!

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