Skinny Bitch DVD: Workout with an Attitude!

Skinny Bitch

Photo by: Warner Brothers

The Skinny Bitch in the Kitch book series is hilarious and healthy! If you liked the books, you'll love the Skinny Bitch Body DVD.  It's a great workout with the same attitude that makes the book series so inspiring...and funny. 

Skinny Bitch Body DVD promises to transform you from a "lazy lump to Skinny Bitch". The workout is a mix of yoga, weights and cardio that is tough, fun and empowering. One of the main reasons I like the Skinny Bitch books is because the authors encourage women to take charge of their bodies!

The one negative about the workout: the instructors don't make it clear what you need to do the excercises before you start. I found myself stopping and starting the DVD, to get a mat, or a weight because they don't tell you in advance what you will need.

Overall, big thumbs up and a high five for The Skinny Bitch Body DVD!


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