CNN's Anderson Cooper: US Air Flight 1549 and Bird Strikes

US Air Flight 1549, which has crashed into New York's Hudson River today may have been felled by a flock of geese in what is known as a bird strike. As unreal as it sounds, CNN's Anderson Cooper reports that there is an actual organization called Bird Strike Committee USA formed because of the bird strike problem. According to Anderson Cooper:

Bird Strike Committee USA is a volunteer organization directed by a 10- to 15-person steering committee consisting of 2-3 members each from the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, aviation industry/airlines, and airports.

Check out the statistics on bird strikes, it will blow your mind! I am so thankful that everyone on US Air Flight 1549 is safe! Did you know about bird strikes? Leave it to Anderson Cooper to blog about bird strikes. He totally rocks!


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