Tees for the Stars from Planet Mom

Photo from Planet Mom T-Shirts

Planet Mom T-Shirts are hot with celebs. Kathy Griffin, Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields all love Planet Mom.


Kathy Griffin wore her "Whine? No. Wine? Yes." and "Botox Free" tees on Bravo's My Life on the D List. Cindy Crawford has the "Secretary of Transportation" and Brooke Shields wears Planet Mom's "I need a playdate" tee.

The women behind Planet Mom are two moms, Elise and Eileen. I've been a fan of their shirts for a long time because every shirt makes me laugh.The slogan for the store is "Apparel with an Inside Joke and You're in On It". All the shirts have sayings moms can relate to, here are some of my favorites:

  • "Juice Box for them, Cocktail for Me"
  • "Chicken Nuggets or Pizza?"
  • "Star of my own Reality Show"

How can you not want one of these tees?  Planet Mom tees have been on the Today Show, the View, Fox & Friends, and other popular TV shows.  Check out Planet Mom T-Shirts on their website www.planetmomtshirts.com. 

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