Golden Globes 2009: Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger, Dark Knight, Heath Ledger Wins 2009 Golden Globe Award

Photo by: Dark Knight/Warner

Heath Ledger was named Best Supporting Actor, Golden Globes 2009.  Director of  Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan accepted the award for Ledger and brought the audience to a standing ovation:

On behalf of all of us who worked with Heath on Dark Knight, I accept this with mix of sadness and incredible pride. He will be eternally missed but he will never be forgotten.

I thought Nolan's speech was so sad and very beautiful.

The Globe win boosts Ledger's chances for an Academy Award nomination. The nominations come out January 22, the one-year anniversary of the actor's death.

Were you as glad as I was to see Heath Ledger's win?


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