Lost Star Naveen Andrews Gets Full Custody of Son?

Naveen Andrews

Photo by: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Naveen Andrews of Lost got custody of his three year old son yesterday. Naveen and his ex, Elena Eustache shared custody of their son Naveen Joshua until yesterday. Now father Naveen has been awarded sole legal and physical custody of the child until another hearing next month.

Eustache made wild allegations against Naveen and his girlfriend, actress Barbara Hershey, that hurt her case. She claimed Hershey practiced witchcraft.

Go to Celebitchy to read more but I think this is incredibly sad. I'm not saying the mom should get the child because she's upset but I would die if I couldn't see my kids for a month.

I also know that it would be really tough to have a custody battle with a celebrity and all their money.  Do you know about this case? What do you think?


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