Whitney Casey: How to Catch a Man?

The Man Plan, Whitney Casey

Photo by: The Man Plan

Whitney Casey, the journalist-turned-sex expert behind the book The Man Plan is everywhere this week. She chatted with Howard Stern on Tuesday, and she dished up lots of advice on dating and details about her own love life.

Every few years, there is a book for women on how to "catch" a man. I don't know how I feel about the idea of catching a man...like a fish. Another issue I have with Whitney Casey's book is that she is a totally beautiful tall blond. What might work for a blond bombshell like Whitney might not work for the rest of us mortals.

I'm not saying it's all true love and romance. But do these books take us all a few steps back? Is it all in fun? Should I just chill out? Talk to me.


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