Travolta Family Tragedy: Leave Them Alone!

John Travolta, John Travolta's son Jett dies

Photo by: Getty Images

Jett Travolta's death and the pain of his family is heartbreaking. That's why I am stunned at some of the news reports and media coverage of this tragedy.

There is a lot of buzz about whether Jett Travolta had autism or not. There are stories about Scientology and how this harmed the child. How can people question these poor parents right now? I just don't get it!

The Karianna Spectrum blog has an excellent response to some of the media and blogs that are bashing the Travolta family right now. From Karianna's blog:

What happened was sad. But attempting to link autism to the death is misleading and hurtful. The Travolta-Preston family deserve more. The family has suffered a tragedy. And autism shouldn't be part of the picture.


I totally agree! Whatever people think about autism or Scientology is secondary to the pain of this family.

Sorry to rant but I'm just blown away some of the media is being so cruel. What do you think?

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