Infomercial Pitchmen: Billy Mays or ShamWOW Guy?

Billy Mays or the ShamWOW Guy?  Who do you love (or hate) the most in the Battle of the TV Informercial Pitchmen?

Billy Mays is one of the most successful pitchmen on TV today. The success of Billy Mays is amazing. One of the brands Billy pitches on TV is OrangeGlo. The OrangeGlo company credited Mays' salesmanship for much of the company's success. Mays has done TV commercials for ESPN ad has become a household name.

As Seen on TV website has all the Billy's commercials for your viewing pleasure. It's a huge hoot! The guy is laughing all the way to the bank.


But Billy Mays has competition. The pitchman for ShamWOW infomercials is gaining his own following!  In case you have been living under a rock or you only watch PBS, you'll know the ShamWOW TV commercials.

Who do you think is the King of the Infomercials? I've a Billy Mays fan but the ShamWow guy is coming up strong. Talk to me ladies!

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