Do You Want to Drink Fancy Water Like Nicole Kidman?

Tasmanian Rain, Mrs Mogul Blog

Photo by: Tasmanian Rain

Nicole Kidman is a drinker of Tasmanian Rain, water that is captured as it falls from the clouds over Tasmania, Australia. Per Mrs. Mogul:

It's supposed to be ten times purer than spring water. The sparkling version contains the lowest sodium content of any carbonated water on the market. A case of 24 375ml bottles is $79. 

OMG! As if paying almost $80 for water wasn't over the top, the company offers a special Rainman service, you can have bottles delivered to your doorstep any day of the week.

This is totally evil but wouldn't it be funny if Tasmanian Rain bottled water was really just tap water from a guy named Bob? Ponder it.


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