Amy Winehouse Is A Bad Girl

Photo by: Simone Joyner/Getty

Some celebs with scandals that are hot right here at CafeMom include Amy Winehouse and Heather Locklear. The ladies over at CafeMom Hollywood are buzzing about Amy Winehouse.


Heather Locklear has been in the news the past few months. Heather had a stay in rehab over the summer and then she was arrested last week for driving under the influence.

Heather has definitely had a rough year but some of the elements of her arrest last week are a little fishy. It turns out the witness to Locklear's DUI, is a member of the paparazzi. Nice.

What makes a celebrity get so out of control? If you were rich, beautiful, and at the top of your career, what could make you throw it all away? Are the rich different from you and I?  Are some of these celebs just walking time bombs? Tell me what you think.  I'm here with my coffee, let's talk.

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